A symbol of strength and elegance made up to date and modern through the best technological and marine engineering solutions. Experience the performance and live the sea to its fullest thanks to interior and exterior spaces redesigned for unparalleled comfort and liveability.

Leopard Performance Performance at the highest levels of the category
Leopard Experience Experience The sea like no other
Leopard people Custom Made To create your unique and inimitable Leopard style


Leopard 36

A modern concept inspired by the elegance and power symbolized by the feline from which the Brand takes its name, a yacht that marks a point of evolution of the Leopard Spirit.

Tech Specs

of the species

History leopard 1935 - Birth of Cantiere Navale Arno
the first wooden Leopard 1973 - Drawing of the first wooden Leopard by Paolo Caliari
Leopard up to 24M long 1973 / 2000 - Production of around 150 Leopard up to 24M long
Birth of the new shipyard on Canale dei Navicelli 2000 - Birth of the new shipyard on Canale dei Navicelli (Pisa)
Designing of new models by Andre Bacigalupo 2000 / 2019 - Designing of new models by Andre Bacigalupo, Caliari's student
Seven Stars Marina & Shipyard 2019 - Seven Stars Marina & Shipyard takes over Cantiere di Tombolo and Leopard brand name

A story that comes from afar

The new Leopard Yachts have their foundations on the historical pillars of the brand: Italian design, constructive excellence, speed and reliability. The story of Leopards has roots dating back to 1600, when the Picchiotti family began building boats. The first Leopard was designed in 1973 by Paolo Caliari. Since then approx. 300 Leopards have sailed the seas of the world. And now Leopards are back thanks to Seven Stars Marina & Shipyard.

Leopard Yachts


The Leopard Spirit at its best, exceptional performance, incredible spaces for unparalleled and uncompromising comfort.…



The 24M Leopard will be an innovative and new project in all its smallest details.…